Well Hey!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Whether you came here because you know me personally, out  of curiosity, or just accidentally… I hope you will take some time to check things out. Read some posts, try some recipes, or look through photos. Don’t forget to ask questions or leave comments! I would love to hear from everyone and hope you will spread the world and check in when you have time:)

As for the back story… I’m a Gemini, a woman with many passions. I’m an amateur cook, a personal trainer, a pottery barn addict, a social butterfly, a perpetual planner… and most recently, a wife.  Although I experienced many challenges early on and had to speed through some phases most have in life, it’s really been the last 3 or 4 years that  I feel my life has not only begun, but evolved into something beautiful and full. I’ve just begun the rest of my life… a life I didn’t think would happen, either because it didn’t exist, or because by the time I could recognize it, I would have been to late. I am so grateful and blessed that I feel it’s only fair to share it with the world!

My goal is to share enough of my world to give my readers a sense of who I am, and what I love in life. I have always enjoyed writing, and found it to be an amazing outlet in times where I needed something to unplug from the world. I want to share, to learn, to experience, and to use these pages as a platform to take myself in more directions then what I am able to now. I hope you will find some commonality between us, a link that binds you to this sight and keeps you visiting in the future and to share it with others! Should you know someone in the food or travel writing business, send them my link! xoxo

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B

Candice Becker


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Carla Zazzara said:

    Candice, Congratulations and you look amazing (as always). I was reading your workout philosophy…so ironic too but as of late I haven’t been hitting the weights as much or as hard and have taken up running. Started out with the dreaded mile and the whew…I made it through that mile then progressed to 2, 3 4 and I am steadily (slowly but surely) adding the miles. I did a 3K mud run and am doing a half marathon in Miami the end of January.
    I love that you are writing. You have so many talents and the world is at your fingertips.
    I will keep you posted on my progess.
    I have had my real estate license for a year and am pursing that career. I am no longer training at the gym. I miss it but was time for me to move on.
    Keep me in mind if you hear of anyone wanting to buy or sell, ok?
    Keep in touch!

    • Hey Carla!
      Thank you for the post, i’m sorry if its taken me a while to reply… Isn’t switching from the old methods of breaking up body groups on you lifting days to something else great? Once I got out of doing leg days and switched to cardio and circuit training, or more feminine toning workouts like bar method and yoga, I saw a dramatic difference in my body and my beliefs about how I taught other women to train changed as well. It makes sense that if you admire the body of a dancer that you should train like one, even if you dont think your body has the make up for it. I always trained like an athlete or competitor because I thought that was what my body was made for, and it was at the time…but training differently helped me changed that makeup so I could get closer to the bodies I had admired. How is the running coming along? I have the Surf City coming up in a couple weeks and I wish I had been doing more prep for it, but running hasn’t been as enjoyable as the classes or yoga so we will see how I fair… Wish me luck! Hope you are able to keep in touch and keep me updated on things!

      Lots of Love,

      Mrs. B

  2. Sean Breslin said:

    Love the blog! Keep up the good writing!

  3. healthdemystified said:

    Hey Candice,

    I just featured you in my latest post:


    Thanks for your support,


  4. I’m a wifee & love food. Love to follow along your journey in writing and sharing~

  5. Super cute blog title. Got me here, and I’m excited to follow along!

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