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Hello Everyone!

Its been a pretty crazy week around here, and My December calendar is filling up quick, but thought id drop a quick post for you all on my way down to SD… (Don’t worry, I’m using the microphone option to write rather then type) … Mostly;)
Tuesday night Brett and I were watching a Top Chef Seattle episode and there was a scene (as there usually is) where the chefs relaxed with a glass of wine or a beer during deliberations. It gave me a craving for vino, but we didn’t have any, and I don’t usually have any during the week, so I went to the kitchen, pulled out the juicer, and a red wine glass to pretend:) It was fun, and I felt better then if I had left the house at 9:45 on a Tuesday for boos lol. Check it out!





For this recipe I used the celery, carrots, and pink lady apple pictured above… The other ingredients were used for the beet and pomegranate juice I made afterward for the following am… I’ll post that recipe next:)

Make some healthy choices today! Get your fruit and veggies in!

Lots of love,
Mrs. B