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Hey Everyone!

Brett and I tried a new restaurant last Friday, and it sure hit the spot for a Korean BBQ craving. We usually head to Mashigo off of Bear and Baker when we need good Korean BBQ, but they require reservations and can be pretty expensive. This place popped up on a yelp search, close to the house and 4 out of 5 stars…


We started with some chicken dumplings called Yaki Mandoo based off of some Yelp reviews we had seen… Brett snatched most of them, but they were a good opener, well seasoned and not over cooked. Then we ordered the Kalbi and Kim chi fried rice. The entrees were served with all of the classic sides, kim chi, crunchy and spicy pickled cucumber, Korean potato salad. The Kalbi meat wasn’t the highest quality, and the seasonings could have been stronger, but it sure did the trick for curing our cravings. I’d definitely give this spot a try if you are in the area, but show up before 7 unless, of course, you don’t mind a long wait 😉




Save room for dessert too! There’s a Boba place next door with delicious iced teas and coffees:)…


Hope you all had a great week, looking at all of the pics on my camera roll is reminding me that I need to be writing more often to keep up! lol. Have you seen the commercials for the new Taco Bell Salad?! Stay tuned for my review of the new dish on the menu, as well as some healthy, healthy options for a great start to your day for all of you commuters, or computer users out there:)

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B