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Hey Guys,

Just got back from a run at Back Bay in Newport with my little/big brother Andrew:) kicked my butt because my workouts have been almost non-existent with my current work schedule. If it weren’t for him I’d probably be asleep on the couch right now, lol. I feel better after going though… Just takes some motivation!
I think we all have days or times when we are feeling tired or sluggish, and it can be hard to go to friends or family for help, but totally worth it in order to stay healthy!
I snagged a few shots to show you guys:) it was really beautiful and I’m glad we got out there and hit some hills!





Thanks for getting me out there Andrew! His birthday is tomorrow, so I’m hoping we can grab breakfast before I go to work. Wish him luck everyone! He leaves Thursday for Stage 1 of Q School for the PGA in Mississippi. I’ll post an update once we know how he did and where he will be heading next.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday! I’ve got some prep work for 2 trade shows this week and a happy hour I’m coordinating for Thursday, so I’ll post as soon as I can:)

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B