Hey Guys,

From time to time I find some really great workout ideas from other people and sites, and pin them to my “Work It Out!” board. I thought I’d share this one with you since it’s something I feel we ALL probably are looking for:) I liked the simplicity in the description, the time dedication, and the fact that we could all complete this workout from home… No need for a gym! Combine this workout with my Garage Workout (posted earlier), a 30 minute run a few days a week, and a day of pure stretching, for a guaranteed happy face when you go to put on the Halloween Costume in a few weeks;)

No excuses on food either guys! The recipes are all here! If you’re having trouble with some foods, feel free to email me and we can bounce some new recipe ideas around:)

Check my board out on Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/lifeofanewwife/work-it-out/

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B