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Hey All!

Happy Friday! I thought I’d share some ideas that I use at home when prepping food for the week, so I don’t feel like we are eating the same things over and over… Let’s take ground chicken for example: (ground turkey works the same) Ground chicken or turkey can be found in almost all major grocery stores. Just look for the Extra Lean option. I buy 2 lbs. on average for the week… I cook them up at the beginning of the week, so I can dish scoops out for meals quickly. With schedules like ours it’s all about planning ahead. The ground meat can be used for at least 1-2 servings of each meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Some weeks I’ll also pick up a pound of the extra lean ground beef for Brett when I know he will have days to eat it.

I choose ground chicken and turkey because it’s low in calories and sodium, and keeps longer in the fridge or freezer then other meats. The biggest tip I can give when cooking these proteins is Always Remember To Season The Meat Well!!! The ground meats can be bland or dry if you don’t take the time to season it well, and should be re-peppered and salted before reheating to help recharge the flavors. (Easy on the salt guys!) Trust me it adds up faster then you’d think…

So many ideas and possibilities. First, let’s go over cooking the base first…

Note To Self There are a few items that can be used for just about every protein or savory dish out there: olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and herbs like basil and rosemary. Spice preferences will depend on the style of food you are looking to make (spanish, italian, french, etc.)

Always start with The olive oil and garlic. Let the oil heat the garlic and then throw in a diced onion. Once the onion is translucent you can add the chicken or turkey.

Season with salt, pepper, ground mustard, cumin, and herbs like herbs de Provence, tarragon, rosemary, or basil. Don’t be afraid to season people! (you need salt, but 1/2 tsp should suffice)

Cook until brown and package it up!

It’s hard to chose just 5, but here are some go-to’s for meals through the week that are unique, and a scoop of meat in each dish will give you the lean protein you need!



First: A dinner salad with chopped romaine lettuce, chopped asparagus I cooked for 3 minutes with some meat, a diced apple, sliced almonds, some lite jalapeño ranch dressing, and finished with goat cheese. So good!


Here is a similar salad: romaine lettuce, sliced almonds, a hard boiled egg, same dressing, cracked pepper, and shaved parmesan.


Next: Steamed broccoli with lemon juice, and basil. Add some non fat mozzarella cheese, and top with the ground meat:)



Get another terrific carb-free meal by adding the meat to some “friend rice.” I have already posted this recipe on my blog, and you can find it by searching friend rice in the search column… Everyone who has tried it soon starts incorporating them into their meals because it’s so easy to pack for meals ahead of time, and reheats really well!


Are those peas?! Yes! EAT THEM!!! Scramble 2 egg whites, add basil, add the meat, squeeze some lemon juice, and EAT YOUR PEAS! Lol. I say this because I used to hate them, until I figured out how to cook them and like them. This recipe is a great example of how to cook them and like them in a dish…


Here is a 5th option for a fancy breakfast that’s really easy! Preheat the oven to 350. Spray a ramekin with EVOO. Add a scoop of the meat, and sautéed leeks. You can sauté them in a skillet with Smart Balance buttery spread, and garlic. Then crack 2 eggs on top and bake for 7-9 minutes until the eggs turn white, but are still jiggly in the middle. Finish with a few sprigs of sage. *Tip: If you cook the eggs in a water bath, they’ll cook more evenly. The over easy eggs create a sauce that’s out of this world when you break into them!

The sky is the limit!!! Get creative! Try adding your favorite foods, and have constantly evolving recipes for your own recipe books:)

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy week! Stay motivated and keep track of your progress!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B