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Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d share my busy day with you all, and share some photos:) I woke up and snuck off to a Cardio Barre class, where Sadie kicked my butt yet again, and then headed up to Upland for some much needed time with Mom. I wish we were closer, but really enjoy days like this where we get to spend time together just catching up. She always brings out my best creative juices lol. If you don’t already know, she is an artist with many talents, and a gift for painting that people only dream of. I always admire her creativity, and today she taught me about acrylics! From our mini lesson she found my “niche” in painting is probably with oils. Apparently, you can blend colors on a canvas better with oils then acrylics, because they take longer to dry. Who knew! Mom does…

I had mentioned us painting as an idea today, but we actually got to do it! I was so happy and she is so knowledgeable that it was a great day:) We went to the bookshelf and she helped me find a photo of a painting of one of Napoleon’s stallions and I really connected to it. It reminded of a horse, and a woman I was really close to growing up that passed away in a plane crash when I was 16. I had to attempt a version of it.

Here is the photo:


This is obviously one that will take time, but if you’ve followed my blog I’m sure you can tell I love a good creative project. I only got the “undertones” started today, and my mom helped me understand depth in a painting. I can already see the changes and next layers I want to add before outlining the horse… It was almost impossible to stop working, but I had to get back home because we had people coming over for game night.

I can’t wait to work on it next time and maybe take it home after to continue working after I have the outline up. Here’s where I’ve gotten so far:


I can’t help but see the changes I’ll make after seeing it, lol. I feel so lucky to have a mom who is able to teach me about things like this. Stay tuned! I’ll post a photo of the progress as it comes along… Thanks mom!!!

While we were catching up, she pulled out a journal from an art class I had in high school! Lol. Another great thing about moms…. They hang onto things that you totally forget about, and then bring them out when you need a boost. After feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, they know just what to do to get your mind off of it, and show you ways to relax and also be productive:) Check these old sketches out!




I hope you all had a great Saturday! If you have a mom, grab onto her! It doesn’t matter if you two are polar opposites! You have more in common then you think, and they know you better then you know yourself sometimes… I hope my “paint n’ play” day gives you some ideas for a day of creativity with family, or on your own. Like my mom mentioned, it’s an inexpensive way to relax, get out of your routine, and boost your creativity! And we could all use some more of that!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B