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Hey Everyone!

Although I try to keep my recipes healthy, I can’t help but share my delicious recipe for this ooey-gooey restaurant quality grilled cheese sandwich! I made it last night with tomato soup from Sprouts.

Even on a hot day, this comfort food does a body good after a stressful day or week. Brett and I definitely needed some comfort at the end of a long day, so I sliced up the homemade French bread I made from my bread machine (recipe posted)…

What you’ll need:
French or Sourdough Bread
2-3 Soft Cheeses (ideas below)
Flat top griddle
Butter or spreadable butter substitute
*Tomato Soup

Next, I buttered both sides of the bread with Smart Balance buttered Spread. This one is made with flax seed oil, so there’s less saturated fat. You don’t need a lot, just enough to cover.

Brown one side of each slice on a big flat top griddle. Keep it on medium heat…

While that’s going, slice up 2-3 types of cheese. In this case, I picked Brie, Chipotle Pepper Jack, and American. Once the bottoms of the bread are browned, flip them over and add the cheese. Brett wanted A LOT of cheese, so I layered one type, covered it with a bowl or small skillet, and added more after the cheese melted. Keep your eye on the bread so it doesn’t over brown. You may want to turn the heat down a bit…


Once you have added the cheese and it’s melted, take one slice and flip in onto another. This turned my 4 slices into 2 sandwiches, 8-4 etc… Remove the sandwiches, an cut in half.

The soup only takes 2-3 minutes to heat in the microwave, so do it right before you take the sandwiches off.

And thats it! You’ll have the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, and a warm feeling in your tummy! Girls, these sandwiches are huge, so do yourself a favor and give your 2nd half to someone else, or save it for later:)!

Here are some great cheese options in my opinion, that melt well:

-Pepper Jack
-Cheddar (not sharp, it’s too hard to melt properly)

Hope you enjoy! Keep this one, and the French bread, in the recipe books for a rainy day:)!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B