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Hey Everyone,

Our adventures continue this year as we headed to Lake Tahoe for our annual summer getaway… I love it there, and always enjoy our time together and with family. Since Brett and I started dating we have kept the first week in August open for a week to escape to his family’s house in Homewood, Ca. I’d never been here before, and instantly fell in love with the mountains and the clear blue lake. The air is so crisp and clear, and the summer sun allows for a great tan and tons of adventures just outside it front door!

Our routines have switched from year to year depending one who is up that week, but we always manage to hit the beach, have a few Chambers Punches, BBQ, & hike to Eagle Rock and Quail Lake. The boys also take a night at the casinos to lose some money lol… There’s usually one winner in the group of 5-10. I also really enjoy walking with my mother in-law, or going for a run to get the day going and work off some of the food from the previous day:) The elevation really makes cardio tough, but you adjust after the first couple days.

Sadly, my skin has been really temperamental and dry lately, so I peeled pretty bad and had to take it easy on the sun the last few days. Aside from that, the weather and hikes were beautiful, we celebrated a family friends 7th birthday, I found a new dress in Tahoe City, and one night we even watched a movie on the beach! Calie came for the first time this summer, and did so well! We still need to get her in Obedience Classes though so she doesn’t wander off lol. Check out some of the photos… I wish I was back there now!

Mmm… White chocolate martinis
Lol… Girl time!
Chambers Punches
Yummy dinner!
Veggie Frittata
Eagle Rock
Watching “Up” one the beach!!!
Lunch at Jakes in Tahoe City
Breakfast at Obexer’s!
Our last meal… Delish!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos! If you haven’t been there yet, you must go! Look into home rentals and go recharge! You won’t be disappointed:)

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B