Hey Guys!

Try this circuit at home this weekend to amp up your workouts. It takes less then a half hour. I did it in the garage because it’s hot in there, and really helps work up a sweat! If you haven’t heard the phrase “seat lift”, it’s a term I learned when I started doing Barre method classes a year and a half ago when you’re focusing on your Seat aka: Butt:) my hamstrings and glute’s were sore for a few days after this and made it hard to get up the stairs lol. It works everything though. After explaining the circuit, keep reading for some extra exercises you can use to sub in and keep this circuit fun and different each time you do it!!!

What you’ll need:
•jump rope •towel •bottle of water •music

5 min warm up jump rope

Do one minute of each of the following exercises and record the total amount of reps. If you do 25 jumping alternate lunges, start counting buried at 26…

I’ve noted my reps in “( )”
(126 reps round 1)

Jump alt. lunges
Sit ups
Jump squats
Push ups
Dips (on the ground with feet in front of you, or on a chair with legs bent at 90 degrees.)

1 min rest

(130 reps round 2)
Repeat the previous circuit

1 min rest

(106 reps round 3)
Repeat the previous circuit

1 min rest

5 min jump rope

Here Are some pics showing you the proper form:



After you’re done, add up the reps and try to beat the number next time!

The sit ups can be switched out for bicycles or scissor kicks.

Bicycles: lie on your back and use your legs to peddle like you would on a bike. Then put your hands behind your head and reach for opposite knees as they come in. *keep your head and shoulders off the ground in a crunch position to really feel the burn!

Scissor kicks: lie on your back and tuck your hands just under you bum to keep your lower back flat on the ground. Keep your legs straight and up about 12″ from the ground. Now kick! Alternating each leg like scissors.

If jumping alternate lunges is too intense, ease up by doing alternating lunges.

Alternating lunges: stand with hands on hips and eyes on something in front of you at shoulder height. Keep your eyes on the focus point and take a big step forward into a lunge. Then propel your body back to your starting position by pushing back with your heel and hamstring. *make sure your knee never goes past your ankle or it will put pressure on the joint rather then the muscles.

Try it and have fun! Good upbeat music makes all the difference!

Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know how you did:)

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B