Happy Sunday!

What a morning! I feel like we got a lot accomplished today and it’s only 3 o’clock:) This morning I went with my mother in law to a Cardio Barre class at 8am. It was her first time and my first in a while… It felt so good to work up a sweat and the isolation exercises they do really make a difference. It’s definitely something I want to incorporate back in my routine.

After class I went home and had breakfast while Brett was at the gym. When he got back we stocked the backpack with water and apples and got Calie in the car for a new hike in Trabuco Canyon.


We followed the directions from a website I pulled up online. Here’s the link:

Canyon Life

There are 2 hikes in the canyon that lead up to waterfalls. We chose to try the Falls Canyon Trail. After stopping for our day pass at the General Store, we did some off-roading and parked 3 miles into the Cleveland National Forest Finding the trail was difficult at first, we navigated around some poison ivy on either side of the creek and finally found the opening. The trail was narrow and had some steep spots, but it was almost entirely in the shade with lots of creek crossings. I loved exploring and not quite knowing if we were going in the right direction:) It took us about a half an hour to get there, and we almost had a fatality on the way…



LOL! Calie didn’t even notice the lizard, and did a great job off the leash staying with us on the trail. There was lots for her to explore and spots for her to splash around.




When we caught a glance of the waterfall we were so excited! The trail ended in a small cove with shade and a tree where people had initialed their names. Brett marked our initials too:) Calie chased sticks at the base of the waterfall while we drank some water and ate the apples. It was a really neat spot!



After a few minutes the bugs started to get to us, so we headed back down the trail to the car. We kept our eyes out for more poison ivy, and took a few more funny photos…




When we got back I ran the air for a few minutes before getting our dirty pup in the car. Then we headed back home to shower and hang out for the rest of the day. This is a really cool hike and one I’d suggest for anyone looking for a trail off the beaten path…

I hope you all enjoy the photos! It was great getting out of our routine again and getting to explore a new place. Our year is really turning out to be the year of adventure and I’m so glad we have all of these new experiences! Hope you all have a great Sunday, and are able to get some ideas to do some exploring of your own!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B