Hey Everyone!

From time to time I’ll pick up a food or health magazine for inspiration, or just a good read. When my dad visits, he likes to drop off a couple food or travel magazines for me also:) On his last visit, he dropped off a new magazine called All You. The highlight titles for me were: Feed Your Family For Less, Break Bad Habits The Hold You Back, & Eat Your Way Slim. I was instantly intrigued, and thought I’d share some notes from the Eat Your Way Slim Article written by Camille Noe Pagan.

I loved the way Camille chose to lead into the food choices, because she highlighted the fact that healthy foods can be really flavorful, and affordable! I can easily spend way too much at Sprouts, but there are options that work and don’t cost a fortune. Let’s go over her 10 options…

Clementines: 35 calories each, high in Vitamin C, sweet tooth satisfier.

Almonds: 7 calories per nut, high in protein & healthy fats, helps even out blood sugar spikes. (I keep a bag of raw almonds in the freezer an grab a handful every day)

Apples: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like apples… Filled with antioxidants that help fight disease & contain 4 grams of filling fiber, which I didn’t know. Eat one before a meal, and consume less calories… Great idea!

Olive Oil: Contains antioxidants that fight inclination, & monosaturated fat that helps target belly fat… Good tip!

Avocados: Yum! Another food filled with monosaturated fat. I knew these fats were good, but learned that they work by releasing hormones that help you feel fuller longer. I find sometimes when i cut carbs and focus on fruits and veggies, I neglect incorporating these types of food and end up feeling like I’m always hungry.

Lentils: I hardly use, but should cook with more often. Good source of fiber, which curb cravings & help with weight loss.

Lean Ground Beef: packs that are 85-95% lean preserve muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. That’s why I focus on staying lean when losing weight, rater then just getting the numbers down on the scale and neglecting toning workouts. I have trouble digesting red meat, so I tend to look for lean ground turkey instead. Same benefits!

Blueberries: Less then 1 calorie per berry! Highest antioxidant level of any fruit. I eat them in the morning by putting them in a bowl with a Light Vanilla yogurt by Activia, and some raw almonds.

Grapefruit: 1/2 of a grapefruit has 37 calories. Helps rid the body of bloat an constipation. High in Vitamin C. When I was younger, the only way you could get me to eat one was If it was topped with scoops of sugar:) Since my metabolism isn’t what it was, and I don’t like the super sour taste, I’m thinking I can add it to my juicer in the morning…

Salmon: One of the highest in omega 3 fatty acids which help slim & improve heart & brain health. They also help built and maintain lean muscle mass so you burn fat faster. I’ve found that people often over cook salmon so it’s dry and a bit fishy. Try baking it in the oven on top of a veggie, and seasoning it with EVOO, lemon juice, and a light herb butter to boost the flavor. Having the veggies, or even some potatoes under the fish keep the fish from getting too hot on the bottom and the marinate will keep the salmon moist, and act as a flavor booster for your veggies!

Sometimes it’s hard to stop and take the time to research food and their benefits, so short magazine articles like this one can give you some great tips! A few months ago, I started keeping a binder that I fill with healthy food ideas, workouts, and photos of my favorite celebs in outfits or bikinis for inspiration. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the treadmill and fought with the magazine to stay open or keep it from falling off the treadmill. Having the binder makes reading easier, and you can take out a page and put it in the front sleeve if you don’t want to keep the whole thing open, or if you need to adjust the speed and intensity through your workout.

Hope you’re having a great week! Don’t forget to stop by my Pintrest page for more ideas & obsessions from this new housewife:)

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B