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Hey Everyone!

I’m so excited to share a couple photos with you from my mom’s birthday. It’s been quite a year for everyone. We have had 2 weddings, my moms health scare, one brother in Hawaii who I wish could have been there, and my other brother now on The Canadian Tour having a great start to his pro career! It’s been quite a journey and I was so glad (most) of us were able to get together for some quality time.
My mom and 2 brothers Andrew and Eric came over last night. Brett’s in San Francisco for the US Open and Alex is stationed in Pearl Harbor. We rented a movie called The Beaver which was actually really good! Mel Gibson plays the lead roll and plays a husband who is chronically depressed and battles more mental illness… I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a good movie:) We sang happy birthday and it was so nice just to hang out like we did when we were little.
The next morning I took my mom to Starbucks and made breakfast. We packed water and apples and headed to Laguna to hit the Laurel Canyon Trails. I was so impressed with my mom for getting to the top, and we had a great time:) I wish Alex had been there but we had him there in spirit! It brought up some great memories of when we were on our own and how we made it through… Much like the past year and all it’s accomplishments! I hope we do it again, and you all enjoy the photos. It definitely motivated me to want to do more. Being outside really gives you a chance to clear your head. If you need a break, google some local parks or hiking trails. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B