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Hey Everyone,

After hearing my client is good and sore, I thought I’d share the workout we ran through so you can try it at home:)


Here are some tips:

Try to rate your intensity from 1-10. 1 being a slow walk, 10 being all out, hard as you can.

Jogging in this workout should be done at a Level 7-8.

When resting, don’t stop! Keep moving in some way but focus on slowing your breathe and heart rate.

Jump Squats: Keep your weight on your heels a you squat down. Get as low as you can while keeping your chest up and shoulders back. Then, reach for the sky and jump as high a you can! Go right into the next squat, don’t pause in between. There should be constant movement for the 30 seconds.

What the heck are burpies?! lol. There are so many different names for these things, but bottom line… You’ll hate me for making you do them, but thank me in the long run:) Here’s how: stand up, feet together. Now squat down until your hands touch the ground. Then kick your legs straight out behind you. This should put you in a push up position… Then jump and bring those legs back in by your feet. Now stand up… Good! That’s one rep. Get as many as you can in during the 30 seconds

Listen to some uplifting music and have fun with it!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B