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Hey There!

Leave it to a staff member from Home Depot today to inspire me to write a post:) My lunch break today consisted of running over to The Home Depot on Harbor to get more materials for the guys at the house lol. My appointments were nearby so I stopped to check on progress when I realized I forgot to buy locks for the front door!

Off to Home Depot with list in hand, I picked out the one of 5 lock options I had to choose from (brushed nickel is non existent there so I purchased a satin nickel one instead) and headed over to Lumber…

A younger guy walked up the aisle and asked me if I needed help… Have you ever had one of those days where you get caught up in the things you’re doing that you feel you shouldn’t have to do, or are just inconvenient to do? This was one of those moments:) I showed him the two pieces of wood the guys handed me and he kind-of knew what they were. I didn’t have time for kind-of, although I tried to be accommodating… As I turned to look for someone else who could help, another associate walked towards us. A Darker complected man in his mid forties if I had to guess, with bright blue eyes behind a pair of reading glasses and a warm smile:)

I was caught off guard…

“Hey Guys! Can I help?”

Yes! I only thought about it, the younger associate did the talking. He reassured us we needed knotty pine and grabbed the sizes. Just as I said thanks and began to walk off, I was caught off guard again…

“What was the wood for?”

“Window boxes”

He went into a story about the weather and how great it is out here, and then asked if I’m from the area…

“Kind-of” I replied. (it was a reoccurring phrase for me in that moment)

He explained a bit about his story and how he was from New Orleans, and that it actually gets pretty cold there which I didn’t know, an how lucky we are to have this weather. I agreed.

Then he complimented on my henna tattoo after first asking if I was in the process of having it removed. I know it’s fading so I wasn’t surprised. I mentioned my trip to Seattle and the woman with the henna stand by the market. I learned that his sister and their family have been living there for a year and loved the summer, but have been very down about the weather after this past winter. It put southern California into perspective.

I’m a little hazy about how we transitioned at this point, but we started talking about hospitality and how people are caught off guard by his friendliness and welcoming nature, but that it’s just how people in Louisiana are, and it sounded familiar… I remember winters in North Dakota, cold and hard to move, but the people were always happy to see you, and the trucks always honked back when you did the choo-choo move with your arm. I smiled:) It was nice to think about those memories. He talked about his kids and the “sheltered” comments people still give him when he talks about not being exposed to the bad stuff kids are exposed to here because of the accessibility to those things here and I agreed.

I was still in a hurry, but he pulled me away to reminisce for a moment. He asked how the market was and thought he would suggest it to his sister. He had been so helpful in helping me pull out of my auto pilot, that I tried to think of what to suggest. There are so many parts of the market I liked…

A family member told me she used to go to a botanical garden when she and her family were relocated out of state for a year or so, and said that the gardens would bring her back to happy days even wen it was snowing and cold for weeks at a time…

“The market is amazing! The food is great and you HAVE to tell her to go inside and find the florists. There’s a whole row with nothing but the largest, most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen at any market. You can get a huge bouquet for $10! Tell her to grab a few and put them up in the house. It’ll help!”

I forgot to also mention that she needed to go by the Cinnamon Works on the way out across the street and grab a peanut butter cookie before heading back home. It’ll change your life!

We said our goodbyes and I went back to the house and to work, but for just a few moments, I spent time with someone who was friendly and welcoming, and made me remember what I love about people who are, and how happy I am when I’m the same way, and why I love social environments.

I thought I’d share this quick story for anyone who may be in another place with not so great weather, or someone spending a lot if time at home go misses the feeling I being outside. For what it’s worth, I think we all have our ups and down days, but if you find yourself getting caught in the lows, try brightening things up… Whether that be flowers, or pops of color in your wardrobe, or going someplace nice where you can be outside or in a garden… You can break the dreary feeling! It’s possible. You just have to be open to it.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to hit the hay:) Here’s to brighter days and good things ahead, no matter where you are or what is going on.

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B