Hey Everyone!

Out of all of the things we were planning to do on this trip, visiting La Boqueria was probably at the top of my list! I had googled outdoor markets before we leIt was started originally as an open-air market in the 13th century! It now has a huge metal roof and tons of vendor booths that you wind through like a maze if you don’t want to miss anything The market was busy both times that we went. Hold onto your purses just in case… although I wasn’t too worried here. You can find everything from fresh fruits and veggies, to meats, chocolates and candy, and a big seafood spread. The first day we only passed through and ended up eating at a nearby restaurant. The second time, we decided to make the market our lunch and wove through the different booths to pick up foods that we could eat while walking around. I of course got some delicious chocolates for later:) Just a few though, they’re really rich! My favorites were the crunchy milk chocolate covered ones with the almond milk filling… yum!
One of the fruit vendors had a fruit called Pithaya that I had never seen before. Turns out its a super food that’s supposed to resemble a kiwi. I saw it again a couple weeks ago at the Banzai Bowl in Costa Mesa where they feature them in their smoothie bowls.. I ended up getting a small container with sliced papaya for $1 euro. All the fruit is so fresh that you can’t go wrong!
The boys each grabbed a bocadillo for $2.95 euro, and we all grabbed pizza slices from a vendor in the back called Eslice Pizza. They make all kinds of pizzas depending on what is available. 2 guys are constantly topping, cooking and cutting pizzas while taking orders and acting as a cashier. Super efficient! The slices were huge, and all made from a thin crust. I chose a wild mushroom, chive, chicken sausage, light cheese, and a very light layer of homemade red sauce they used on all the pizzas. You could also order, vino, cans of cervesa, sodas, and bottled water.
After chowing on food we walked back up La Rambla and up Passig de Gracia for some shopping. The boys went to grab a beer and some naps and we met back later for dinner.

Check out these photos! Can you believe how bright the colors are from the fruit and candy vendors?!