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Hey Everyone,

Was getting a bit stir crazy yesterday, so I packed up my laptop an journal, and headed to the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa. Although I take tons of notes while traveling or eating/cooking… If I don’t make time in the evening to catch up, I get behind on my writing. Once a week I try separating myself from work, or going to a place like The Gypsy Den, where I can focus and relax at te same time.
I love this location because of its decor and huge selection of tea an delicious food… The majority of the menu is Mediterranean. So many options that it’s hard to choose. Great appetizers, soups, salads, and sandwiches. They advertise Vegan options which I appreciate also. I often get the Blood Orange loose leaf tea or a non-fat chai tea latte. Both are great. I’ve heard the sandwiches are amazing, but decided to go with the Mediterranean Plate this time. It comes with pita bread, hummus, feta cheese, red olives, tomatoes and cucumbers. So good:) I just pushed the re onion to the side…
A few hours later… I published a couple posts and did some doodling:) I got a henna tattoo while in Seattle and have been inspired to do some I my own. How fun does a Henna Party Sound?! It’s in the works:)
Hope you guys have a great weekend! Take some time if you can for yourself. I know it’s easier said then done (trust me) but I feel a lot better after I do:)

Lots of Love, Mrs. B



Here are my henna doodles… What do you think?