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Hello Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but getting back in the swing of work was tough today, very busy but secretly wishing I could be back walking around Pikes Market in Seattle. I didn’t have the chance to go to the store before dinner so tonight’s dinner was on the fly… I ended up making a healthy version of a Kung Pao Chicken Dish you can buy at Traders. When you’re trying to be healthy it’s important to remember you have options! This bag comes with the different ingredients separated out which is great!


Rather then grabbing some rice or a potato side, I found some peas in the freezer and an onion instead. I sautéed the onion in EVOO and threw the chicken in after the onions became translucent. After 6-8 minutes, add the peas and other veggies. I had some left over mushrooms I tossed in too:)




The bag comes with 2 sauce bags and a bag of peanuts. I left the peanuts out and just used 1/2 of the sauce from one bag, and threw the rest away. The result is a delicious plate that keeps you from the “Chinese Food Coma” that we all get usually after Chinese Food:)

It was perfect! Afterwards, I picked up some items for the week. I’ll get meats tomorrow. Here’s a shot of what I grabbed…


Hope you had a goodnight! Looking forward to hearing from you all, and thank you again to the new followers! Let’s keep going!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B