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Hey Everyone!

In Seattle this weekend for my birthday and thought I’d do a quick post while I’m here… ImageSource was nice enough to give us 2 tickets for the Angels vs. Rainiers game and you couldn’t ask for a better day to go… The weather is nice and warm, lots of sun, but the seats are nice and shaded in the Terrace Club level.

Food wise, the kettle corn is on another level! In the past, kettle corn is usually more like caramel corn, or too light, where you hardly taste anything. This kettle corn had an even mix of sweet and salty. Some were covered in what tasted like honey, and the other half were salted. It’s like that movie where the guy puts m&ms in the salted popcorn at the movies:) So good…

Seattle has been a great experience so far. My hubbie Brett surprised me for my birthday and booked us a food tour o Pikes Market that we went on this morning! Don’t worry, I took notes and pictures that I’ll share with you soon:) hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Here are some photos so you feel like you’re right here with us:)

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B