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Hey Everyone,

I thought I’d share our Summer Project with you all… We have had our house for almost 2 years now and have done quite a bit of work to the inside, but decided to tackle the exterior this year with our tax refund. The previous owners didn’t maintain a majority of the house, leaving a lot of things unfinished. Since we are the corner lot, we decided improving the exterior would make a huge difference to the house. The neighborhood is filled with mostly traditional homes (shutters, white picket fences etc.) and we currently just don’t fit in! Lol I have posted a couple of photos in my previous posts with color ideas that we have gone through, so now comes the fun part! This project will take about 5 days to complete and we are hoping to keep in budget of 3k with the door included… Here are some before shots, as well as pics after day one where they power washed the house…





Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ll post more progress shots shortly. The main color will be a corn flour yellow with white casings around the windows, doors and trim. We are shopping for a new front door and exterior shutters that will be a Chicago Blue color we are also using on the trellis outside.


Mrs. B