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Hey Everyone!

What a great Sunday! Brett and I were able to relax most of the day, and ended up also getting a LOT accomplished! Still working on the journal for Spain… Our day started with breakfast at Sidestreet Cafe, a little place off Newport and 18th street that we’ve come to love!

They’re portions are BIG! Lol but so good! I got a number 1 and modified it… 2 egg whites (I swear they put more though) fresh fruit, squaw bread, and coffee for $6! Brett gets their banana pancakes and they’re delicious:)

We took Calie to the dog park, and then headed to Home Depot for color samples. I got grey ones earlier this week but we realized after talking with my brother that they won’t work with the roof style we have:/ bummer! We found some other options though that I think will work well, here’s where we got some of the inspiration:

While we were there we got a new gas BBQ. Up until now we’ve had a charcoal one that has been really hard to work with. Brett cooked the chicken and asparagus perfectly, its going to be great being able to grill more often now!


We even put a little bread on and toasted it… I added a bit of EVOO and balsamic inside… So good! Grilling is such a great option for keeping things lite. I serves it with some “friend rice”… Yum!!! Hope you all had a great Sunday! I’m so grateful to have my hubbie and our pup:) its days like this that are so important. Spending time together, just relaxing:) I even got a doodle in too of the house. I want to replace some of the roses so they’re more uniform and add a couple hydrangea in too…


Lots of Love,
Mrs. B