Hey Everyone,

It’s been quite a week! I thought I’d send you guys an update before I leave in the morning… I can’t believe Spain is already here! I hate to admit that it hasn’t hit yet with everything else I have going on. Getting stuff together in time and having a full work schedule is tough, but I’ve managed to get most of it taken care of for the trip.

The weather is looking better as the time gets closer, mid 60’s-70’s with a chance of rain in Madrid. Ive had the audio Spanish CDs playing in my car for a week or so to help me brush up. Oh and just a heads up If your planning a trip, the exchange rate is not very good! Around $1.50 for 1 euro. We’ll see how prices are when we get there…

Last weekend went by too quickly! Friday Brett and I both got to hang our with close friends, ate some yummy food, and went on our first trail ride together at the ranch! In the middle of all of this my best friend Addison is moving to St. Louis which feels traumatic to say the least… She was able to stay over a couple nights and we have tried getting together as much as possible. It’s awful to think she won’t be here when we get back;(

I’ll post an update whenever possible while I’m in Spain. Looking forward to the food and local culture most of all! Wish me luck:) In the meantime, here are some photos from the last few days…

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B

Brett made dinner:)

Sunday breakfast at Sidestreet Cafe


Trail Ride