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Hey Everyone,

I’ve had frozen peas sitting in the freezer for a couple of weeks now… I used to hate them but I’ve tried incorporating foods I wasn’t crazy about into my diet to hopefully eliminate the few dislikes:)
Eating meals before a hot yoga class can be tough, the heat and constant core work can make a yummy chicken dinner feel like a bad roller coaster ride.
I grabbed the peas, and some egg whites and stared for a while before going back to the fridge…
Keys to yummy anything: garlic, salt and pepper.
I headed back to the fridge, grabbed the garlic jar and my squeeze bottle of basil:)
It worked! The meal was just what I needed and the seasonings tied everything together. I’ve got some for tomorrow too! I threw a photo in for you all.
How about you? Any foods that you’re not crazy about? Leave a comment and tell me about it:) Maybe we can face some fears and try some new food ideas!

Lots of Love,
Mrs. B