Hey Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to post an update on Anna… I can;t believe her competition is Saturday! It’s so inspiring to see the amount of dedication that goes into competing in this field. Here’s the email and update I got from her at the 3 week mark, I’ll post the newest ones soon!

3 1/2 weeks till the big day!  It felt like it was going so slow, then BAM, it’s almost here!!  My meals haven’t changed a lot (attached is my meal plan).  I am 140 lbs, which at first seemed heavy for the time I have left, especially considering I was 132 last time on stage.  But looking at my body composition, I am almost as lean as last time with 8 LBS more on my frame.  My legs and butt are bigger then ever, FINALLY.. Those are definitely my weak points, and the hardest areas I have putting on muscle.

The next few weeks will bring a lot of changes… Bleaching my teeth, prepping my skin for tanning (exfoliation, no deodorant or lotions for the few days prior, YUCK lol), upping cardio (which is already at 6 days a week for 45mins, plus lifting 4-5), cutting sodium.. which will range from changing over to distilled water, no gum, no extras, YUCK again!lol..  And POSING POSING POSING, until it’s natural.

My cardio, which is 6 days at 45 mins, is not easy cardio either.. Plyos at the park, intervals in the stair mill, ect.  Still lifting heavy and enjoying watching my body change.  I have tripped up many times, it’s hard balancing a demanding job that isn’t consistent and prepping myself for this show.  But the ultimate testament to your will is not the fact that you don’t trip, but the ability to pull yourself together after a fall, brush yourself off and LET IT GO!!!  I have learned not to lament over my errors, they happen.

I am so excited for these next few weeks, and hopping on stage.

Thanks for all your support love!! Attached are photos, suit and diet all are recent!  The lower back fat and water will be immensely decreased by stage day, with the help of a tan as well!

Here is Anna’s current diet:

4:30 AM

Wake up time                              

½ C oats

6 egg whites

1 tbsp flax seed meal

Am supplements

Oats dry measure
7:00-7:30 AM 4 oz sweet potato

5 oz flank steak

10-10:30 4.5 oz chicken

8 asparagus or 1 c green beans

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1:00pm 1. 4.5 oz Protein: chicken, fish, 2. 4 oz Carb: brown rice, sweet potato, alternate days

3. Veg OR salad: your choice (2 tbsp oil vinaigrette)

1 cup

3:00-3:30 4 oz chicken

2 oz avocado


6:30 4.5 oz chicken

1 c romaine


Pre workout Supplement:

(EVP by Evogen)

7:30 Workout (60 min or less)




Last meal 6 egg whites

1 cup spinach or 1 red pepper


Im going to adjust carbs to here probably next week, want to see how you feel first in a week

I can’t wait to cheer her on on her big day! I hope you will all help me show Anna some love as I know she keeps up on this blog:) Also, do you have any inspiring stories or fitness tests coming up? I’d love to hear about them! Shoot me an email at: mrs.candicebecker@gmail.com and lets chat!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B