Hey guys,

This will be a short one. Busy work week but the food has been good! Wish I could say the same for my workouts though…

Day 6:

Am: coffee, veggie juice, and an apple

Lunch: grilled artichoke and an arugula salad with artichoke and grape tomatoes.

Snack: whole wheat pita bread and hummus

Dinner: BLD meal (recipe posted) and cauliflower I steamed earlier in the day

Day 7:

Am: coffee and a handful of carrots heading out the door…

Lunch: antioxidant salad at the Strawberry Cafe near fashion island, yum!

Dinner: chicken Gorgonzola from Trader joes and steamed cauliflower with a scoop of hummus…

Also had a couple glasses of Spanish wine with the bestie to get me through the news of her upcoming move to Missouri:( shared some laughs and watched Easy A… I just have to remind myself it’s temporary lol. I’ll be “squatting” homes in the neighborhood when they’re able to move back!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. I received some awesome quotes that I’ll post under my Motivational Chain section that I hope you’ll read when in need… Stay motivated!!!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B