Hey guys,

Getting through the hump right now. All of your likes on the previous post really helped keep me accountable so thank you! I hope you’ll begin following this “project” if you haven’t already. I know that this isn’t your traditional liquid or juice cleanse, but a hybrid that works for me. It’s the same ingredients, but having some of them in solid form makes the food last longer and me feeling full longer. Here’s my progress so far:

Day 2:

Woke up and had an apple before getting ready for my meeting in LA. I knew I wouldn’t be home so I packed 6 large carrots and a water bottle to munch on during the drive. Drank 2 bottles of h2o before leaving the house.


Grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli, and 2-3 oz of grilled salmon at Black Angus. The hardest part of lunch meetings is NOT finishing the plate lol but I did it!

I had some Spinach, carrot, and apple juice to tie me I’ve when I got home from doing a 45 minute circuit at the gym.

Dinner: I ate about 3 oz of sugar snap peas, and a serving of steamed broccoli mixed with some other veggies I made for Brett’s dinner the other night… Tomatoes, olives, and basil (I left the salt and pepper out until I separated out our individual servings and then just added it to his lunches)

Test #1: Brett and I headed to LB to hang out with his younger brother that we hadn’t seen in way too long. I’m proud to report that I sat through them ordering chili cheese fries, nachos and Brett stopping through Sonics on the way home… Torture! I feel better not having indulged though. I did have one (approx 150 calories) Grey Goose Dirty Martini:/

Day 3:

I grabbed a coffee and apple and headed to a 5:30 cycling class with my friend Amy… Workout buddy motivation!

Am: veggie juice (kale,lettuce, celery, and an apple)

Did an quick circuit workout at a nearby La Fitness, nothing crazy after that cycling class but enough to feel it tomorrow. (I’ll post a workout example soon…)

Had another small veggie juice at the juice bar after the workout and headed home to get ready for work.

Snack: sugar snap peas and an apple

Lunch: steamed broccoli n another veggie juice

Brett and I headed to the ranch after work an rode in the arena for a couple hours with the pup:) who would have though Riding would en up being our thing lol…

Dinner: wahoos green vegetarian salad w/out dressing or tortilla strips

Carrot juice around 8pm

Day 3 was a breeze. The food and juice kept me full. Still having sweet cravings but it’s manageable!