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Hey everyone,

Feeling like a proud mommy today:) Just got back from La to find my house in one piece!

Calie just hit 5 months on the 19th and we installed a dog door when we got her but keep her outside when we aren’t home…

Today however I decided to take a risk and leave the door open. I tried to puppy proof of course (trash can under the sink, closed the doors n’ put a baby gate up in the hallway with her food in its usual spot by the door.

Calie is known for bringing “presents” from the garden in when we are home and playing in the mud so I was hesitant but aside from a few paw prints in the kitchen the house is in one piece:) success!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Got some sweet cravings today but no slip ups! I’ll update again soon

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B