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Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great holiday. Brett and I had his parents over for dinner Sunday so I put together a classic dinner that takes time, but can be prepped and forgotten about which we know is great for entertaining. It’s another slow cooker recipe:)

For the meat, u got lucky and found a corned beef roast that was already marinated that I threw in the cooker when I woke up in the am. 3-4lbs easily feeds 5-6 ppl so i had 2 meals for later in the week to package for Brett. You’ll also need:

2 yellow onions
1tsp salt/pepper
1 cabbage roughly chopped or quartered
A couple lbs of red potatoes (figure 2 per person) cut into 1-1.5″ cubes
Ground Coriander
2-3 tbs minced garlic
Aluminum foil
2-3 beers (I used Newcastle)

Quarter the onions and place them in the bottom
Lay the roast on top
Pour in the beer
Set cooker on low for 8-10hrs

Add the cabbage the last 2 hrs. If u don’t have enough room u can cook the cabbage in some of the juices from the cooker and another beer. Add 1/2 cup of water and the dry seasonings also…

Season the potatoes with EVOO and dry seasonings. Add garlic and mix in a roasting pan. Set oven to 375 n cook for 30 minutes until potatoes are soft and browned.

For an extra punch mix honey, mustard and dry seasonings in a bowl. Take the roast out when u go to put the potatoes in. Place the roast on 2 sheets of aluminum, pour the mixture and wrap in foil. Add it to the oven and let the meat rest before cutting. It gives it a beautiful glaze and u wouldn’t believe how tender the meat becomes. What a delicious dinner! Not only will the house smell great, but your hubbie or self will get tons of compliments when co workers smell the food being reheated for lunch that week:)


Mrs. B