If you’ve ever gone to a healthy juice bar or raw restaurant you’ve probably seen drinks with the ingredient option for bee pollen, but why? Other then the great texture I’ve noticed that it gives, ( lil bit of crunch that’s semi sweet) what’s it there for?

I googled some products and found that there have been many studies to find the benefits of using bee pollen, here are some of the highlights:

Immune system booster
Increased organ function
Increased sexual functions in men and women
Appetite suppressant
Rich in highly potent antioxidants

Some of bee pollens components also help decrease bad cholesterol in our bodies…

Looking at the benefits it’s hard not to want to add this to your diet! I mean who doesn’t want to increase their sex drive and be healthier? Lol… I was really surprised by everything I found and knew that I had seen it at Sprouts when I went to pick up my liquid Acidopholis… (another great product that an esthetician had suggested to me to improve digestion and help remove bad ingredients from my diet and regulate how my hormones were effected and were making me break out)

I grabbed this jar and stuck it in my fridge an am going to be adding a scoop to all my smoothies and as well as my salads…


Have you tried bee pollen? If not, it’s worth picking up and giving it a try. It keeps for long periods of time in your fridge and is relatively inexpensive. I got this for around $6.99

Hope you are having a great week, if keeping it healthy has been difficult, try switching it up. Adding something like this can motivate you to use it in healthy meals like the the banana almond smoothie or your next salad. Give it a try!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B