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My 2012 Resolution was to decrease stress. I must say that I think it’ll be easier given that I don’t have to plan a wedding this year:) Although Horseback riding was my release when I was younger, and I relied on it while my family went through all of its “transitions,” I stopped not long after someone very close to me passed away in a fatal plane crash. It was devastating… The problem with stopping however, is that life always keeps you busy… You have other obligations like career and money. It’s easy to forget or set aside things that give you release because we focus on other “obligations.” Although the wedding was all I could have asked for and more, I wanted to focus on creating a hobby and having a way to let go of work and other things… I admire my husband and his love for golf. It’s helped me appreciate passion and my brothers drive to turn pro…

Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a husband that understands:) It allowed me to make a commitment to myself that this year I would find a way to go back, and thank the Lord I have, to regain this hobby… I researched for months online until I came across an opportunity to lease a young horse one day a week not too far from me. Her name is Halo and she is exactly what I was looking for…


She has been a challenge and with a little fine tuning has done everything I have asked of her. Surprisingly, she has also given me the opportunity to gain a second project, Spinner. He is an 8 year old gelding that reminds me of 2 other horses I loved and lost. He challenges me everyday in a good way, and has given me enough curiosity to hit the trails again. His immediate bond with me was surprising, and empowering at the same time…

When I ride I forget or let go of everything else… I wish I could do nothing but work with them and work out:) Life may have other plans, but in the meantime, I have a hobby and a passion again that has made everything that much easier and more clear. I am so grateful and fulfilled everyday. I’m so glad this year has begun the way it has, and can’t wait for the days to come:)