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Thought I’d share another breakfast alternative for anyone who is sick of oatmeal for breakfast:) I’ve been playing around with quinoa the last week or so, and it’s starting to grow on me! When I first found out it was a seed an not a form of rice I have to admit I felt a bit like a bird… But I hear about it so often I wanted to add it to my repitoir of dishes:) this morning I thought Id try an idea that I got from a client to use it in place of oatmeal. She soaks her quinoa overnight in milk but I forgot so I just made it this am and was really happy with the result! It takes about 15 minutes to cook but soaks up the flavor of whatever you add and the texture is easy on the pallet.

All you need:
1 part quinoa
2 parts unsweetened almond milk
1tbs agave or Splenda
Pinch of cinnamon
12 chopped almonds
1 small/med banana

Grab a small pot and simmer the quinoa and the milk for approx 15 min while covered, until the quinoa becomes transparent.

*tip: soaking the quinoa overnight in milk or water can help speed up the cooking process and soften the seed.

about half way through, add the cinnamon and stir.

When finished, fluff the quinoa with a fork like u would rice. Add agave, almonds and banana and that’s it!


Mrs. B