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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share a special an unique date that Im so excited about and can’t wait to show everyone:)

Its so easy to get caught in the monotonous routines of Friday night. Dinner and a movie, cooking dinner and watching the recorded shows from earlier in the week… We all have our own habits. Its important to keep things interesting though, and find situations that enable you to reconnect, without the distractions of the tv. Easier said then done… Lol.

With that in mind, Friday night Brett and I decided to switch things up and head to the ranch for pizza and some riding:)! We swung by Lil Caesars and were able to take Calie with us:) it got a little cool for the sweater I brought, and Halo is in season which was a bummer for me but great for Brett because the only gear she was willing to go in was walk:) We both were able to ride and Brett learned some tips about turning and body balance… The whole night was so different and a great break from our normal routine. I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully during the day when Halo isn’t P.M.S’ing lol.

How about you guys! What are some date night ideas that you an your significant other have done or want to do to to switch up the routine? Tell us about them in the comments section so we can spice things up too!

Lots of Love,