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Hey Guys:)

We can’t be good all the time, but when you’re craving that sweet something there are some choices you can make that can help ease the calorie craving, and soften the guilt… Here is a desert I put together after looking online and seeing some recipes for bananas foster


Here’s how I put it together…

•Bananas (peel and slice down the middle)
•Angel food cake (3-4 thin slices per person)
•Coconut oil
•Fat free cool whip

1. Slice the angel food cake and layer on a plate.
2. In a pan, add 1tsp coconut oil per person and heat to med
3. Sprinkle Splenda (or use agave) on bananas and place in pan, sauté til brown, flip and then remove
4. Layer bananas on top of cake and finish with fat free cool whip and a drizzle of agave.

Yum! You’ll love the sweetness of the bananas, and who doesn’t like cake?


Xoxo Mrs. B