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Here’s a yummy breakfast or lunch alternative I put together that I think everyone would love… You’ll need a little food processor and a blender for this one…

•3oz baby carrots run through a food processor (not juicer)
•1cup frozen bananas
•2tsp Splenda
•1/2cup OJ
•1cup crushed ice
•pinch of salt
•1/2tsp vanilla extract
•2tsp dehydrated coconut meat(optional)

Once the carrots are put through the processor, add to blender with other ingredients. This smoothie is loaded with the good stuff!

*frozen bananas: heres the best way I’ve found to DIY if you can’t find them at the store…
•peel and slice 4 medium bananas
•make a “banana bath” by combining 1 cup of H2O, 2tbs lemon juice and 1-2 tsp splenda.
•put bananas in bath for a few minutes. The solution keeps them from turning brown.
•place bananas on a baking sheet that’s been covered in parchment or aluminum foil and freeze over night.

The next morning just pop them free and stick them in a ziplock that goes back in the freezer til you need them!

I think I’ve officially entered a smoothie craze, but I think spring approaching is giving me that need to cleanse feeling. They’re so easy to put together, filling, and easy to digest also.

Hope you Enjoy!

Mrs. B