Hey Guys!

As promised, I wanted to share some meal secrets of someone about to compete in a fitness competition… In particular, I want to show her diet as she transitions into her “cutting phase” where her diet begins to adjust in order to cut fat and empty calories so she can decrease body fat and lean out. As we get closer to competition, you will see the meal plans become more strict. Yes, it can be boring… but if you like routine, most of these dishes can be made in advance and packaged for days in the fridge so you can reheat them later.

Meal 1: 4 egg whites, 1/3 cup of steal cut oats and a cup of spinach(you can eat this with a little balsamic, or cook in eggs)
Meal 2: 3oz of tuna, 2 cups of lettuce, almonds, and balsamic vinegar
Meal 3: 4oz of tilapia 1 cup of green beans (I usually eat these raw, the French ones)
Meal 4: repeat meal #3
Meal 5: 4oz flank steak, ½ cup brown rice
Meal 6: 4-6 egg whites

Here are some simple ways to make some of the dishes…

Egg white omelet: throw a cup of spinach in some Tupperware with a splash of water. Cover and cook in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until the spinach starts to wilt. Grab a small pan and heat on medium. Spray a little Pam and add the egg whites. Stir eggs and add a dash of salt and pepper. Add the spinach also and let cook. For some more flavor, you can  add a dash of chili powder.

Tilapia: Since tilapia is a somewhat delicate fish, I prefer to bake it for a few minutes… Preheat the oven to 350. Grab a baking dish and cover with aluminum foil. Place the tilapia fillets inside, drizzle some EVOO, dash of salt & pepper, lemon juice, and a bit of basil. Depending on the size of the fillets, they should take no more then 15 minutes. This prep is simple but flavorful. You will really be able to enjoy the flavors of the fish:)

*If you’re not a fan of red meat… you can substitute with chicken breast

These meals are strict for a reason… they really work, and the proof is shown in the competition. I wouldn’t follow it exactly unless I had something like this to work towards, but I think we can all get some great ideas from the meals, and see the importance of eating several small meals throughout the day. It also shows how to break up your proteins from carbs. Complex carbs like the brown rice give Anna energy for her workouts and the amount of protein she is taking in is conducive to the amount of muscle she is trying to maintain while cutting…

I also wanted to share a message from Anna about her preparation, with some tips about food that I thought are important to keep in mind:

“I have different meal plans for different days; depending on my cardio needs or workout needs. My diet, as it is made for stage, may seem a little severe. It is also designed for me: Female, 25 years old, 5’9” and 145lbs. This will be my second run at getting on stage; last time I didn’t have a coach (someone to truly keep me honest) or a structured plan. I have learned a few things along the way that are synonymous with diet and workout, no matter your goals! Prepare, prepare, prepare!!! All my mistakes are made on days that I didn’t prep my meals and I am running late. Don’t starve yourself, your body needs fuel. Eat slower and learn to enjoy ‘clean eating’; often times people ‘hate’ the healthy food because they have become accustomed to all the crap we add to natural foods. Find something or someone that motivates you; I hung my competition bikini up on a wall in my house, something I had to walk by every day. Dieting is different for everyone, and learning your body is really the key to getting long term success.”

Hope you enjoy!

Mrs B.