I’ve been looking trough my cook books lately for inspiration and remembered how I always talk about wanting to incorporate more shakes into my diet so this morning I looked at a recipe for A Banana Shake that I didn’t have all the same ingredients for so I improvised and it was delicious!

1 lg sliced banana (frozen if u have it)
1/2 cup almond milk
1-2 tbs almond butter (if you use a different type of milk, add 2 tbs instead of 1)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Dash of salt
Dash of Cinnamon

Throw it in a blender and you’ll have a yummy smoothie that’ll fill you up and keep you going! The protein and fruit is great for breakfast…

I also have to share a funny photo… After my shake I checked my emails and FB:) A friend of mine (Steph) posted this really neat Bali-wood music video. I started playing it and look who decided to watch with me:)…