Hello All,

I’m constantly looking for material that falls in line with workouts, food, and random days that make me appreciate life… During a random brainstorming session, I saw a photo posted by a close girlfriend of some flavored bubble gum that she called her dieting life saver, lol. I know all too much about the strict diets, 2 a day cardio sessions, and ridiculous lifting routines that women have to keep up with to be able to compete in a fitness competition. These days, women can compete in everything from bikini to body building, with figure falling somewhere in between. If you’ve never heard about what I’m speaking of, or don’t know the differences, take a look at some photos I found to help you understand.

The first photo is closer to what I will be referring to here. Although I believe that female body building, and in some cases figure, to be too masculine, I think that the bikini level really highlights the athletic woman in a very natural way. My friend Annalise Shearer has just started the dieting phase of preparation going into her second competition. Her first one got her feet wet and I think was a great motivator going into her next competition in March. I have asked her to share some progress photos along with her dieting plan so that we could get and idea of what goes into preparing for a competition, as well as get some lo-cal meal ideas, and motivation for both us and she as she heads toward her goal. I hope that you are all as excited as I am to see how she is doing as it gets closer to the competition, and maybe follow some of her meal plans to help you prepare for beach season…. it’s right around the corner!!!

Stay tuned for meals, photos, and lots of cheer for Anna…. Let’s keep her motivated!!!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B