I’m not sure if its the Gemini in me that makes me continue to want to find new loves, or just boredom. Maybe it was just by chance to try a new form of yoga about 8 months ago after a girlfriend raved about a few classes that she had tried in Huntington Beach. I had heard of Hot Yoga before, yoga in a heated room. It sounded like a cool concept, but the few yoga classes that I had taken in the past hadn’t really impressed me. I know how important stretching is, but that doesn’t mean that I stretch regularly. It had never been a regular practice in my workout routines and it definitely showed if you had asked me to touch my toes and witnessed my struggle to grab ankles. Some people love that relaxed feeling after an hour of slow moving meditation, but I usually just felt restless after and in need of a calorie burn… This however, was intriguing.

I’m pretty sure what finally got my foot in the door of the Dayton Method Studio on Adams was a Groupon or other form of online coupon. I went with a girlfriend, a new yoga mat from Target in hand, and a change of clothes with a couple towels in my bag. The studio was clean and smelled nice, which I love. I set up my mat in the back row because I was told it had more ventilation and was good for beginners and looked around curiously until class began. Some of the biggest differences between the regular Yoga classes I have been to in the past were:

  • The Heat: 95-105 degrees depending on the day and amount of people in class
  • The Consistent Choreography: yoga classes change exercises depending on the teacher, Dayton or Bikram yoga repeat the same movements every class.
  •  The Holds: Hot Yoga classes have you holding each position for lengths of time much longer then you would find in regular yoga classes.
  • The Lights: Yoga classes often turn the lights off to promote relaxation. Hot Yoga classes keep the lights on and ask students to keep their eyes open and focused in the mirror on themselves so that they stay connected with their bodies, probably so you think of it as more of a workout with yourself.
  • Drink Breaks: Hot Yoga classes schedule specific break points for you to drink water and ask that you wait for them before reaching for your water bottle as to not disrupt the class and keep you from over-drinking which can make you feel dizzy

The last difference I didn’t know going in, until I glanced back at the clock with a “When is this over?” look, was that Hot Yoga classes are done for 90 minutes. Long story short, Hot Yoga is intense. It’s a completely different approach to improving balance, flexibility, and mind over matter. I was hooked and have been doing it ever since! The classes are really designed to make each workout a test for yourself and rather then getting bored with the choreography, it becomes a tool to gauge how you are doing from one class to the next.

If you are reading this and thinking “That’s crazy, it sounds too hard, I wouldn’t be able to do that”… DON”T! Hot Yoga is for any fitness level and I love that. I would recommend it to anyone. A beginner can go in the class just the same as someone who goes 5 days a week. They are very open to having you lie down as much as needed throughout the class if you are feeling like you need a break between or during movements. The endorphin rush you get from the classes leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished for even getting in there and making it through class… and I haven’t even mentioned the best part!

Regular Yoga classes burn an average of 290-350 cal per class

Hot Yoga classes burn an average of 500-1000 cal per class

The other day a women who wears a calorie counter during class and practices hot yoga up to 6 days a week said she had just burned 875 calories from the class we had just gotten out of. This was great info because I often worry about building up an endurance to workouts and not being able to get the effects we would after just starting a new workout practice. I think this comes from the consistent movements and self push you give yourself during class, and advancement in each movement.

If you haven’t tried it, you should. I am not able to afford going every day, but making 1-2 days a week is doable and really is beneficial to anyone’s routine. When I’ve gone a couple of weeks without it and I go back, I always leave saying “Why have I gone so long without going to class?”

Google some places near you, I know CorePower Yoga is a chain that offers Hot Yoga, regular Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt classes… and there are private studios that may have better rates depending on where you are also. If you have tried it, share your story!!! I’d love to hear feedback from some others who have tried it and what their experiences were as well!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B