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I wanted to share my morning with you all and my reflections on motherhood, but before I explain how I got on the subject of motherhood, I should probably back up to you this morning with Calie and her visit to the Vet’s office…

Just as I thought I was going to be able to sleep in, I awoke to a broken a terra-cotta pot outside and Brett whispering as Calie barked at the pot… After brushing her off, he brought her inside and headed to work. I barely caught the “oh and I left that poop sample thing on the dining room table” before he walked out the door. Poop? Table?! Well thank the Lord it was in a bag… The vet requested a Fecal Test so Brett got pick up doodie (:-) this morning before he could head out… Poor guy.

Calie and I were able to have our normal snuggling time before I put her outside so that I could gather her toys for the vet appointment at 9. As I walked out the sliding door to grab Calie, I noticed a golden furball nose deep in soil from the broken terra-cotta pot! “Awe Calie… Really?” I grabbed the nearest towel I could find, brushed off her nose and paws, and brought her in the house… I thought it would be a better idea to have her with me so I could keep an eye her. Just as I reached in the treat jar to give her a liver snack… She peed on the floor! “Really?” I took her straight outside and shut the door so I could clean the floor. Okay, time to get Callie… No sooner did I open the sliding door then find Calie nose, paws, and everything rolling around in the soil from that same terra-cotta pot!! “Are you kidding me?!” Ugh… I dusted and brushed her off, loaded her in the car, and called the vets office to apologize that we would be 10 minutes late. What a morning.

Once I parked the car I grabbed Calie, grabbed my purse, and rushed into the office so that we could check in… after more apologies, we were taking to the back so Calie could be weighed. Can you believe she put on 3 pounds in one week? After taking some notes the vet tech said “Okay Calie, time to go!”… I wasn’t aware when I made the appointment that Calie would be taken to the back to have her vaccines done and the microchip that I forgot she was getting this morning! I was so caught up in how frustrated I was that I totally forgot she was about to go in and get a microchip inserted into her shoulder! “Is she Gonna be alright? Will it hurt? Where is she being taken again?” I couldn’t help but worry and think that she had no clue what she’s getting herself into as she wagged her tail and followed the vet tech happily into the back room… My little pudgy pup.

I sat and waited in the green dog hair covered chair until they called my name and I turned to see Calie wagging her tail and prancing up to me. “Good girl Calie!” I repeated it over and over as I reached for liver treats from my purse… “Callie was a champ!” The vet tech added, as she explained how to register the new microchip online. “She didn’t even make a peep when I put the chip in.” I gave the woman one of those “well of course she didn’t, have you seen this dog?” type of looks before I padded her and said “Good girl Calie” for the 15th time.

Now we’re home and I’m supposed to observe her for two hours to make sure that she doesn’t have a reaction. It’s funny how this morning’s experience made me take time to appreciate every mom out there who has to get her children ready for doctors office or school or simply to even get out of the house on time every morning… I don’t understand how they do it, but I can tell you one thing for sure… Calie is the perfect icebreaker into teaching me how I’ll figure it out when the time comes.