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What a day…

Visiting Calie was great! I did some holiday decorating and made a shopping list for what I need. The puppies are growing so fast and have so much more energy in just a week… It’s amazing! We can’t wait to get her home. All but one of the pups has a home… A blonde male that is adorable! I took a couple snap shot to show you all just in case there’s someone out there looking for a Christmas pup!
The first 2 photos are of Calie…



I swear, there were so many cute photos that I didn’t know which to pick! Lol. The next photos are of the male that is still available. If you would like more information on this little guy please shoot me a comment or email me and I will forward the breeders info…



I made a new dinner that I will post shortly… In the meantime, it’s Sunday so curl up and watch a movie with a loved one!

Lots of Love,

Mrs. B