Happy Sunday!

Brett and I got back late last night from San Francisco and I am dragging a bit today after the drive and training my client at 8 this morning… But I can’t resist posting a couple of photos from the few amazing days we spent with family and friends in San Mateo and Atherton. I really enjoyed going into the city and exploring with my hubbie:) It makes you realize how special those times are and how rare and important it is to get some one on one time with your partner. I titled my post the way I did because every year we go up there I really don’t want to leave! The history, parks, city, and people are so unique and inviting that you can’t help but to build a connection and want to be around that environment more. Theres just something about that city. I get a nostalgic feeling when I see golden gate park, the hills, the main streets in the suburbs like Burlingame Ave. or 4th st. In San Mateo… And I haven’t even grown up there! They bring up memories from my childhood that aren’t as easy to access where we are now. I secretly keep my fingers crossed that an opportunity will present that pushes us that way:) in the meantime… I’m glad to be home, (not so excited for Monday), and can’t wait to visit Calie at 2pm!… Pics will be posted soon!


Mrs. B




Brett caught me blogging before dinner:)