During the menu planning of our wedding, I met with the chef at Mission Hills after our first tasting. The flavors of all the dishes were great but of course there were adjustments… One of them was the pear and arugula salad we tried…


The salad was great, but I’m a weirdo when it comes to presentation so after persuading Brett into stopping at Sprouts, I picked up some missing ingredients and started playing in the kitchen:

4 pears (red and green)
White pear vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
brown sugar
Brie or Gouda cheese

I sliced the pears thinly and cut out the centers to look like donuts and then browned the green pears in a skillet with butter and a little brown sugar. I left the red ones raw for the second salad.

The dressing is really easy. I combined 1 part pear vinegar with 1 part balsamic and 2 parts olive oil. Add salt and pepper and a splash of sugar. Whisk until blended

Now just layer handfuls of arugula in between the pear slices, top with chopped pecans and drizzle the dressing over it. (since I did this 2 ways, the second was done with the red pears, arugula and thin slices of Brie. Both were so good but I decided I liked the flavors of the one with the green pears that were browned for our wedding dinner.. If you choose the same option, remember to the the pears cool completely before assembly or the arugula will wilt…Yummy!