I don’t know about you, but when I think about the word “routine” I cringe… I’ve never been comfortable with doing the same things over and over for long periods of a time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s great and sometimes necessary for other people, just not me. Lately, weekends have been that exact feeling for me. Saturday workout class at 9 while Brett plays golf, Sunday mornings I have a client, football at the house, dinner with the fam. Although there are elements that I love and wouldn’t want to change, there is that “ugh…” With today being a holiday, Brett and I decided to take advantage. Last night I had to ask myself: “What do I miss? What am I craving?”

I kept remembering Saturdays when I stayed with my dad. I’d set one of his old wind up alarm clocks (the black plastic ones that you would unfold to a stand) and wake up bright and early because I knew it would take at least 45 minutes to get him out of the door and that’s if he skipped the shower. His philosophy was that if it’s something we wanted… we would get up for it. If I didn’t set the alarm, he wouldn’t wake me up and I’d miss out. We would get in the car and drive from Monterey Park to Sunset Stables in Griffith Park. He would drop me off with enough cash for an hour ride and a sandwich down the hill near Beachwood Market. After a few months, the staff trusted me enough to volunteer even though I was so young…(things were more relaxed then the are now.) I loved it! I could brush and saddle the horses, grab them from the muddy arena with halters when it was tine to go, and tag along on trail rides all day as an “Assistant Guide.” What I loved most was the slow times throughout the day. I’d sit on top of the arena fence and hang out with the horses. The friendly ones would come up and lift their heads. I remember someone telling me that when your meeting a horse, you should go nose to nose with it and breathe. Let it get your sent and they’ll remember you after it. It wasn’t just being around horses, it was being outside. Somewhere different then the places I usually had to go to.

I don’t go outside enough anymore. With work, classes, family etc. it’s too easy to forget how amazing walking along the trails can be. I mention to Brett from time to time how I miss it, but it can be all to easy to rely on your partner to “take the initiative” lol. This morning I probably would have pushed for a drive up to Griffith if Brett’s point about the traffic weren’t so valid. He googled places and found driving directions for Laurel Canyon. How have we not been here before?! Brett grabbed the back pack and we filled it with a couple Lil’ Pickle sandwiches, some water bottles and we were off! It was only a 10 to 15 minute ride with my fast past and a beautiful day! Some steep parts but it made you feel like you were actually burning some calories. It gave me just the nostalgic feeling I needed and I couldn’t have thought of someone I wanted to share my adventure with then my best friend:)